5 More Exercises to Make Your Writing Powerful

How are your writing muscle groups?

Have they gotten stronger because you began the 5 workouts detailed in How to Make Your Writing More Powerful a pair months in the past?

I gave you a while to relaxation up. Now, let’s get again to the writing gymnasium. (Don’t fear when you haven’t labored out shortly, now is a superb time to begin.)

This time, I’ve added a pair movies for enjoyable.

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Exercise 1: Show, don’t inform


The day started with good climate.


Temperatures hovered within the 70s because the solar rose. Fluffy clouds dotted the ocean-blue sky.

What modified: The revised textual content describes what good climate feels and appears like. It additionally defines what “nice weather” means from the author’s perspective.

Why: Readers profit once they can visualize what the textual content conveys. Don’t accept telling readers one thing when you may present them with phrases.

Don’t accept telling readers one thing when you may present them with phrases, says @AnnGynn. #writingtips Click To Tweet

Use descriptive phrases and keep away from imprecise phrases. Set the scene, describe your supply, present how the product works in actual life – the choices to present are virtually countless.

This enjoyable two-minute video from Julie Freeman illustrates this idea:

TIP: Don’t waste an interview or a web site go to. If you’ve seen what you’re writing about, present your viewers by together with particulars you can solely collect by being there.

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Exercise 2: Avoid faulty quote marks


Did you already know he’s going to paint the home “purple”?


Did you already know he’s going to paint the home purple?

What modified: The citation marks had been faraway from “purple” and the phrase was italicized to illustrate emphasis. 

Why: As Grammarly explains, using quote marks to emphasize a phrase or phrase was official within the pre-word processor days. Writers didn’t have the flexibility to create italics on their typewriters or in typesetting.

But you could have the flexibility to italicize textual content. Quote marks for emphasis are NOT obligatory.

You have the flexibility to italicize textual content. Quote marks for emphasis are NOT obligatory, says @AnnGynn. #writingtips Click To Tweet

And after all, pointless quote marks aren’t restricted to emphasis, as Ross Geller and Joey Tribbiani illustrate:

Using quote marks can also point out a phrase is getting used loosely or mockingly. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston writes about how overused – and mistakenly used – that method is. But she additionally shares just a few examples of when it’s acceptable.

(And if that is your pet peeve, be a part of 24,000 others within the Reddit neighborhood of r/Unnecessary Quotes. They frequently share examples of dangerous pointless quotes.)

TIP: Emphasize sparingly. Italicizing a phrase or phrase in each paragraph dilutes the impact. It’s like utilizing all caps in each tweet. If you’re at all times shouting, nobody can acknowledge which tweet is extra vital than others.

Exercise three: Be oblique extra incessantly


“In order to accomplish the goal of survival, we are planning to implement a reduction in force of at least 20% because we can’t keep going at the same payroll we have today. With advances in technology, we now can do the same output with fewer people,” mentioned CEO Jennifer Louden of PDQ Company.


PDQ Company plans to lay off 20% of its workforce as a cost-cutting measure. However, manufacturing output will not be anticipated to change thanks to efficiencies gained in expertise implementation, mentioned CEO Jennifer Louden.

What modified: The direct quote was made oblique.

Why: Writers typically mistakenly act like transcriptionists. They regurgitate what an individual mentioned phrase for phrase. Yet, few folks communicate in a means that conveys their ideas clearly and succinctly.

Writers typically act like transcriptionists. That’s a mistake, says @AnnGynn. #writingtips Click To Tweet

Use your writing muscle groups to simplify an evidence, get to the purpose extra rapidly, or not less than take away pauses and clunky transitions. Indirect quotes allow you to preserve the that means and supply attribution with out bogging down the textual content.

TIP: Use direct quotes sparingly – when solely the speaker’s language, sentiment, clarification will do. I like this simplified clarification in Gully Magazine’s Journalism 101 part:

Quotes are just like the salt and pepper of onerous information … Use them solely when (they) add one thing: colour, humanity, authenticity, or verisimilitude.”

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Exercise four: Add one other part (meta description)


When I graduated school, my dad gave me a type of super-duper, deluxe instrument units. It had the whole lot. There was a 330-piece socket wrench set, a two-gim…


New Content Marketing Institute analysis reveals the wrestle with content material administration technique lies within the unused junk drawer of as soon as shiny expertise.

What modified: The unique model is the primary 155 characters of Robert Rose’s current article. The revision is the distinctive meta description written for his piece concerning the CMI analysis.

Why: Without a definite meta description, Google tends to pull the primary sentence or so (about 155 characters) of the article. Robert’s splendidly descriptive and intriguing lede entices somebody who’s already on the web page to learn additional. But the truncated model of the intro doesn’t present sufficient data for somebody looking for details about content material expertise analysis.

And in case your intro sentence isn’t express about your matter or perspective, it’s much less doubtless to entice clicks.

If you don’t have a definite meta description, it gained’t assist your #website positioning, says @AnnGynn. #writingtips Click To Tweet

TIP: To be taught extra about meta descriptions (and see 15 useful examples), take a look at this text on Themeisle.


Exercise 5: Use repetition purposely (and keep away from it in any other case)


The CMO attended a board assembly with the CEO. At the assembly, they mentioned the advertising technique for the approaching yr.

REVISED: The CMO attended a board assembly with the CEO to focus on the advertising technique for the approaching yr.

What modified: The revision accommodates a single use of “meeting,” however conveys the identical that means as the primary.

Why: Efficient writing is simpler for the viewers to eat. Revise your content material to eradicate pointless repetition and don’t suppose key phrase stuffing will make your content material extra enticing to search engines like google.

Don’t suppose key phrase stuffing will make your #content material extra enticing to search engines like google, says @AnnGynn. #writingtips Click To Tweet

But don’t go to pointless lengths to keep away from repeating phrases and use synonyms. As Julie DeSilva argues, “We have nothing to fear but alarm itself” illustrates what can go fallacious with synonyms and when repetition is a greater possibility.

Repetition of phrases will be useful – to emphasize some extent, to create a rhythm in your textual content, and so on. But use repetition with function. Though Lisa Brown’s recommendation on how to keep away from repetition is for manuscript writing, it’s simply as useful for blogs, articles, e-books, and so on.

TIP: Spend an hour or two in the future studying content material you wrote (if doable, take a look at your unique variations, not the ultimate model edited by another person). Do you discover incessantly repeated phrases? Stop and replicate. While every author has a novel voice, are these the phrases you need to come to your readers’ minds that replicate your voice? (Me? I overuse “now,” “actually,” and “of course.”)

Update your writing exercise

You can’t cram to enhance your writing. As with the primary workouts I shared, don’t try all 5 of those new exercises on the similar time. Grab your calendar and schedule not less than a weeklong date for every train.

You can’t cram to enhance your writing. Schedule time in your calendar over weeks. @AnnGynn Click To Tweet

Set a reminder or appointment so it sits atop your calendar every day as a mild reminder that it’s time to work out (although you don’t want to sweat). Then you may verify it off and know you’ve completed one thing within the brief time period for higher content material in the long run.

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